Monday, June 6, 2011

Random Thoughts Of A Mind At Midnight!

Sometimes in life you are not able to comprehend why you doing things the way you are doing it. It’s not just about “going with the flow” kind of attitude. It’s about doing things simply because you feel it’s the right thing to do. “Critics... what’s that? Who cares?” that’s the attitude. Life after all is collection of many such events. It all adds up to make life the way it is. That’s why I guess no two lives are alike and that’s what shapes ones individuality.

Compromises, some more compromises and then few more compromises. This cycle is always vicious. You never realise how and when you lead your life to becoming a substandard one. Live a little, it’s OK to make mistakes. If you don’t make one you would always keep wondering – would my life have been different and probably a better one had I made few choices different. Mistakes too have a flip side; they may not be mistakes at all. It might just be what ought to have been done by you. 

Destiny is not someone who walks up to you to shake hand and says “Hi, I’m your destiny, pleasure to meet you.” Neither do you seek and search around for it. Yes, it’s true there are signs around you which guide you. It’s for you to read the signs. Mysterious as it may sound to some (stupid thoughts to others), making choices at the end of the day is a call every individual has to take for themselves.

For me limiting self is the biggest mistake one can make. (I’ve been a victim of it too and have shied away from taking the call at times.) I’ve began to understand and accept, life has innumerable opportunities; it’s just that we fail to take a call and then remorse. Let’s risk a bit, venture out of our comfort zones and life ahead may just be the splendid journey we always dreamt of.


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