Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Life’s Random Song, About Abstract Thoughts!

Pick a word, I said to her,
And she said songs.
I thought about it,
And colours began to explode in mind,
Colours yes colours, Red, blue, green and grey.

Random thoughts spurted out from deep within,
They had no definite purpose but had a cause.
A song, a song I said to myself again,
A song of love or a song of pain,
Words of joy or were those words of blame.

Then I saw a picture in the dark sky,
A boy stranded in the by lane,
He too was singing a song tonight,
A song of silence, In memory of the night’s stillness.

And then I heard a little girl cry,
Her voice was feeble may be she was shy.
I listened with care and she had lots to say,
I could sense there was a song in her cry,
It was a song about her broken dream,
It was song for the lost toy washed away in the stream.

Far away I heard an old man sing,
He sang of the beautiful days gone by.
He was old and yet he smiled,
He sang the song to a grey haired lady,
His soul was tired and his body was old,
Yet he had the women he always loved,
Holding hands sitting by his side.

A song, a song I said to myself again,
Songs never ending,  
Some thoughtful and simply some abstract.


  1. Beautiful thoughts and very vividly expressed....not abstract at all

  2. @reacharcs Thanks for the words of encouragement... Glad u visited my blog... stay in touch cheers!


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