Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A debt that can never be repaid, no matter how hard you try!

The other day I was on my way back to Mumbai. I was returning after having met my family, It was due for a long time. But the circumstances under which I visited were not the best ones. Dad had been admitted to the hospital and I rushed home impromptu. That night I wrote in my diary – “Adversities in life help you stay grounded..... You tend to get shaken but it helps you stay real!”

After a couple of days when things looked better it was time to head back to Mumbai. It was a fairly comfortable bus journey and I had a window seat for myself. Was listening to the music and enjoying the strong breeze of wind. The journey on the return was not like the usual one. A lot of emotions had been stirred up. A lot of thoughts popped up like bubbles with text in them. (Just like in graphic magazines.) The thoughts were largely about how I felt about my folks back home.

I don’t need a Father’s day to thank my dad for the silent sacrifices he has made to ensure my happiness. I don’t need a Mother’s day to let her know that she is the most loved women in my life and I’m forever grateful for her love and care. I don’t need a special day once a year like Rakshabhandan, to let my sister know that I would always be there for her and I love her a lot. I realise that every single day of my life is special because I’ve been blessed with a lovely family.

Disagreements always exist in families. There have been days when I’ve fought with people I love and probably hurt them too. But it has never given birth to animosity. In toughest of my time in life so far, the one bunch of people who have always been there for me is my family. I believe in what I say because I’ve experienced it. When the whole world turns their back in time of troubled phase in thy life you are still not lonely. Look back and you will realise your parents have always been there for you.

I'm not sure if I will ever be able to repay my parents for the wonderful things they have done for me, I doubt if I’ll ever me able.  Nevertheless I know I will always do everything I can in my own small way to bring smiles on their aging faces.


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