Sunday, June 26, 2011

At Crack Of Dawn On A Blissful Sunday

A flock of birds woke me up today,
They said to me –
“Look at the clear blue sky,
Enjoy the light drizzle with soothing breeze,
Young man don’t miss it,
It’s a beautiful Sunday.”

I stood by the window,
With a cup of coffee in my hand,
My mind travelled miles away,
And I found myself sitting alone on the beach sand.

It was dawn and sun was gently on the rise,
The first rays of sun on the Sunday morning,
Slowly transformed the canvas called sky, 
Into a kaleidoscope of innumerable colours.
I took a deep breath,
Trying to inhale the fragrance of the morning,
Nothing in life smelled so sweet before.

Before I could realise,
My mind seemed intoxicated,
Intoxicated by the beauty of life,
A sense of happiness engulfed my mind,
The silly smile on my face said it all.

Life indeed is beautiful,
Never miss silly moments of joy,
It is all about making best of what you get,
That makes life worthwhile.


  1. Life indeed IS beautiful...a really beautiful poem....the words were so deep and wonderful...well penned.

  2. Thanks Mr. A.
    Appreciate ur words of compliments... Cheers keep visiting..

  3. Beautiful poem.Something we all need to remember. :)

  4. Hey @Rachana appreciate your kind words... Cheers ;-)


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