Friday, May 20, 2011

Inscrutability of the night sky!

The clear blue sky does turn dark at night,
For the sky can’t stay always clear and bright.
But dark sky is not a curse, It’s a sad mans nurse,
It’s in the darkness that the ugly moon smiles,
And the stars fool you with its twinkling lies.

Silence alone seems to be the trusted partner,
It speaks no truth nor does it lie.
The dark night is more pleasurable than bright young day,
Lonely or not, calm and peaceful it shall always stay.

Words of wisdom a creepy night speaks,
It has answers for questions that lonely heart seeks.
Is that a bird I hear chirp or was it a beast,
The nights can be tricky; it may not always be a feast,
Things do happen when you expect it the least!

-         Vj! ~  Cheers n Peace!

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