Thursday, May 19, 2011

In Search Of Illusive Happiness

Why are you searching for the lost happiness?
It was never yours, nor will it ever be.
For no one can stay happy forever,
If it was so then sorrow would be an orphan.

I sit alone and remorse the absence of happiness,
The more I want it, the sadder I feel,
This pursuit of happiness gives birth to the evil of sadness,
And in this very moment I ignore and forget,
The sacrifice I make of the present.

Yet the heart seems to rule the mind,
It keeps the hunt on, for something that is illusive to find.
With the life in tatters,
There seems nothing more to cherish,
Than a dozen half smoked buds and few empty bottles.

I wander alone on the beaches of shame,
I seem to forget the purpose, the goal and also my name.
And then finally resting my head on the rocky shores,
I call for the end of misery as I knock on the silent doors.

---- VJ ----- Cheers n Peace!

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