Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brandy Talks....

Its often said that, when one is intoxicated they tend to speak the truth. Well what I strongly believe is people tend to break the barriers of inhibition in state of intoxication.

Intoxicated or not.... Nevertheless I plan to update my blog with any thought that strikes the mind, in a moment when I feel... "Why feel the inhibition?"- kind of state of mind. 

I am currently reading Robin Sharma's THE LEADER WHO HAD NO TITLE and I came across this statement which I would like to share with all. Einstein once wrote -' Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds.'

When I sit alone in state of tranquil solitude and reflect on this statement, there is no doubt I agree with Mr. Albert Einstein. Hell yes, the statement is so true..... It can't be too long before I hit the grave. But before that, I have to ensure I kill the mediocre life of mine. For I know I'm mortal, but for sure its not too long before I break out of the cage....Risk it may be but who cares.....  Cheers n Peace!

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