Monday, April 4, 2011

You had your chance, now why feel the shame!

How long are we going to search for the answers?
The questions only seem to multiply with time.
Walking like a blind man in the bright street,
Failing to accept the answers realised from within.

Travelling in the wilderness in search of the ungettable,
Losing out on the silly moments that are enjoyable.
I question myself, for whom do we live life,
Burying our dreams forever and being penny wise.

You never found the key, desires stayed lock,
Having walked the walk, but not having walked the talk,
Sure one day someday it’s going to be thy end day,
You will stand there wondering what to say!

Looking back at life you may feel dejected,
Sad that life wasn’t what you expected.
But remember its only self you got to blame,
You had your chance, now why feel the shame.

 - Cheers & Peace ~ VJ

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