Saturday, April 2, 2011

Today is not just another ordinary day

Well the title says it all, the big Saturday is here. It’s the cricket world cup 2011 finals today. It’s a big day because here is a chance for India to end its 28 years of drought for a world cup victory. All I wish for is avenging the 1996 world cup semi-finals defeat against the Lankans. Cricket has been one sport which I have always loved. Guess there isn’t anything new and different about it. It’s a sport loved by every Indian... Almost every Indian would be a better choice I guess. Don’t really want to hurt the feelings of people who anti-cricket... LOL :-D

Been working on a new poem, it will be up shortly on this blog. That apart I’m going be making conscious effort to be more regular and try writing about more diverse topics. I’m kind of working on feedbacks from readers of my previous posts.

Hey right now I got to go... It’s going be quiet a busy day.... Big day remember... Bleed Blue.... Guess that says it all....

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