Friday, March 18, 2011

Smile.... A Beautiful Expression

Smile... it’s such a simple expression yet a beautiful one.... just looking at a simple smile on ones face can make an onlooker’s day bright and shinning.... It’s so infectious and hard to ignore...

Read it somewhere – “A smile is a facial expression formed by flexing the muscles near both ends of the mouth.” This was followed by further explanation; smile involves contraction of both the zygomatic major muscle and the orbicularis oculi muscle. This explanation had me in splits. For I have never really pondered about scientific definition of a smile. For me smile is a smile, just a beautiful expression.

My day in this busy and bustling city makes me feel tired and worn out... Yet whenever I chance upon a smile in this crowded city it’s all but natural for me to smile too. And then it feels so different, a sense of happiness takes me under its wings and I feel excited and relaxed again.

There have been times when I feel all low and tired, struggling my way to get into the crowded train. Jostling and belligerently I finally get into the train finding hard to balance self amongst the crowd and then I see sudden flash smile from a stranger in the crowd. That smile instantly peps me up and gives me strength to carry on my journey to my destination.

Instances of smile working wonders are many. But the innocent smile of kid in a crowd takes the cake. There is something about that innocent smile, something totally magical. At times I find the innocent smile to be of divine nature for it distinctly makes me feel reassured that my pains are just momentary and my worries, frivolous.

More often than not a smile is prelude to beautiful relationships in the world. Relationships tied together by bond of blood or brought together by love! Irrespective of its nature smile only makes them grow stronger and bloom into firmer relationships.

As I make my way now to set up my bed for a good night’s sleep all I want to say to everyone who ever reads this silly blog of mine – “ KEEP SMILING”! J

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  1. nice one... keep writing pal...


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