Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Romantic Fantasy

Last night in a state of intoxication I asked a good friend of mine to suggest a phrase. He said ‘Fantasy’! I tried hard to pen few thoughts on it and I failed.

Tonight when I was watching a sitcom, a romantic melody was being played in the background. ‘Romance’, the word filled my mind with pleasant emotions.

As I sit now with my legs stretched on my bed to write my blog, a thought popped in my mind. Isn’t romance an element of fantasy? Or is it the other way around, fantasy is an element of romance.

I’m no Shakespeare on the subject of love and romance. Yet I know every heart yearns dearly to find some romance. Romance and fantasy is a lethal combination. It shatters ones state of equilibrium. Its intoxicating effect is beyond words. Its just colours one see engrossed in the fantasy of romance, pink, red and many more.

Care to look around you at people in love. Their worlds are so different from the rest. Totally engrossed in their sweet thoughts, world around them is completely nonexistent.

Pain, suffering, sadness is all forgotten when one sees the smile of the loved one. The heart aches when ones love disappears even if it’s momentary. Eyes glow with passion in them at the sight of loved one. Arms open up like wings of angel, eager to hold the loved ones close to the hearts and whisper the magical worlds of love. It’s all so much like fantasy heightened to infinity.

Alas, when hearts are broken, romance is shattered, the fantasy ends and life crumbles faster than cookies. But I wish romance in thy lives never ends and fantasies transform into beautiful truth of life.

Enjoy the Feelings,

Enjoy the Romance,

Enjoy the Fantasy......

Cheers N Peace!

- VJ


  1. Fantastic..... keep it up

  2. You have a gift,use it... make good use of it ...


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