Thursday, February 17, 2011

“Confusion Called Life”

“Wounded mind is more powerful than normal mind”. It was the tag line of a SMS that I received recently. Sometimes I find these forwarded SMS’s pretty pesky in nature. Pretty much so cause I’ve been quite Impatient by nature. Wait, Nature! Let me blame it on circumstances. There I go again playing the blame game. The buck got to stop somewhere, Let it end here.

The SMS did ignite or should I say reignite the spark in me to write again. I know, I know, my on and off romance with writing been ongoing for a while.

Back home from work I sat as usual lost in thoughts as every other day. ‘Confusion Called Life’ were the three words which stroked me from nowhere. And I got thinking again.

Somewhere down the line I’ve always fought hard to get out of the intermittent state of confused mind. I’ve been trying hard to figure out a way to pave a path of unambiguousness. A thought of finding a structured way to accomplish what I call as set of achievable purposes. But every time I try to do so something unsettling happens and I fail to figure out the answer to the obvious question – “Why?”

The disappointment sets in when the desired results are not achieved and confusion prevails. But hey! Is there a truth which I’ve missed? The truth is “Confusion Is Life!” The state of confusion is life’s undeniable integrated ingredient. Acceptance of it is the answer.

May be finding method to the madness is not the answer, but acceptance of it is the real answer. When it gets hazy it’s the time when one puts in that extra ounce of effort to try and see beyond the haze. When it gets altogether difficult to make sense of the situation, its best to take two steps backward, broaden the horizon and then move forward.

There is no escape from situations of confusion. In fact it’s the confrontation of what one believes and what rest perceives which leads to confusion. Disagreements are good so are confusions. It’s not just about the right and wrong, it’s much more than that.

Perceive the state of confusion to be like the pit stops. You got to change tyres, refuel self and then get back on track. The track my friend has many pit stops! So here’s to 'Confusion Called Life!' Cheers!

- VJ


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