Friday, December 17, 2010

crazy diamond

First time I saw her I saw an angel,
Silly young me for thinking,
She will always be mine.

Her eyes spoke of things beyond beauty
They where glittering with essence of purity.
Silly young me for thinking,
I will stay lost in them forever.

She smiled and it felt as if,
The world around smiled along.
Silly young me for thinking,
The smile would stay forever mine.

Destiny or not,
People meet and part away.
Some fall in love with the person,
Some fall in love with the moment.
Silly young all of us,
It’s just time and it too has to pass,
Just like the angel I met once,
Not knowing one day she too had to go away.

She went away without saying goodbye,
But she will always remain my crazy diamond,
She will stay shining high in the sky.

By Vj
Cheers n Peace!


  1. Well never found that "Crazy Diamond" again....

  2. The past can't see you, but the future is listening.. You mighte find a crazy diamond again only when you are ready ...


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