Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Tear Apart The Chains Around You"

Tear apart the chains around you,
It’s all in your mind, it’s just an illusion.
You created them and so you got to destroy them all.

Try to rip apart your own heart,
Look deep within at the pumping heart,
The blood never lies, it’s all there,
It’s the truth; you are enchained in your own limits.

Freedom is what you craved for all your life,
Seldom did you realise no one snatched it from you.
It was always within you, it’s you who set the limits
And now you saying you can’t fly!

Stop passing the ball of blame,
Laugh at your own mistakes.
Owe it, you made mistakes,
And now it’s time to move on Joe!

We all get all that we desire,
So think twice before you pray.
No one is going to change anything for you,
It’s just you who got to make the choices.

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