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“The State Of Trance In Illness”

I was sitting in the balcony of my house yesterday night. Was talking to a friend of mine and I just happened to look at the sky. The moon was looking beautiful not that it isn’t beautiful on other days. But it was definitely different. The crescent shaped moon looked mesmerising. And I told myself it’s time to start writing again. And here I am after a long gap, fingers running across the keypad, thoughts taking shape of strings of words.

I too hate myself for not being able to write on regularly. So many thoughts stay entrapped in my mind, eager to be shared the world. But for some reason I fail to push myself to express them all in words on a regular basis. So this I guess is another attempt of mine to push myself out of the limits I have put against me. Or rather to be more honest I have plainly been lazy. So guess it’s time to kill the laziness in me.

“The State Of Trance In Illness” – that’s what I was thinking about a few days back. Guess my more than frequent ill spent days in bed due to ill health is what triggered me to write about it. Not sure how many people out there in the world agree and disagree with it, never mind.

What I am trying to get to is, have you observed the way ones thinking changes when one is ill. I have on many occasions observed it. Unlike a few who might say ones thought gets hazy in illness cause the person is sick. I believe in the contrary. The state of mind is one of that of trance in which there I no clutter in mind. As if the unspoken is being spoken in your mind. More like the subconscious is what is running your mind.

One starts thinking about the extreme one wished all his life to do, as if this is indeed the last day the person is left with in his/her life. Of course it may not be the last day in fact; a few pills and you are back to the BBW – Big Bad World! It could be things like saying sorry/thank you to people you wished you conveyed before it’s too late. The most imaginary and things which in ones normal life seemed absurd may be what one craves to do. Even the panoramic view of looking at things around us changes. And at the same time everything seems and looks clear and orderly.
And then when one gets all well and fine, Its back to what everyone else calls the normal world.

Normal world – what’s that? Personally I feel it’s just what the majority of the society perceives to be right and normal. Hey all you out there if anyone was to call you abnormal... Take a chill pill. It in no way means you are wrong... it’s just that your thought is just not in line with so called majority of the society. As I always say, no one is right & no one is wrong! There is no truth & lie! It’s all what one preserves.

Well the topic to me is never ending... so I leave you all with space to think about it..... Ponder about it...


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