Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Night By The Sea

I sat by the blue sea gazing at the sky is what I could have written. But the sea yesterday night didn’t seem to be blue. In the shadow of darkness it still looked beautiful nevertheless. The sparkling face of moon in the sky reflected on the face of the sea.

How many lives’s we live and how many we recall. If you think of it seems like we live many life’s in one life time and yet we say we just got just one life to live. Everyone wants it to be perfect like a square box. But life is when you live it outside the box.

People say they love you for what you are yet what they want is you to be more like what they want. Sometimes things don’t add up. It’s not about being a hypocrite, which we all are at times in a way. It’s about perspectives and perceptions. For someone in the sea what lies on the shore is adorable and for the one at shore being out there in the sea is beautiful.

What about freedom and acceptance? Freedom from the hackneyed life that everyone leads and acceptance of one the way they are. It’s not about impatience and arrogance rather it’s about genuine desires finding colours in life.

Ever wondered what’s it like if you had just one person to believe in you for what you are! Why people judge you by success and failures? Many dreams crash and get buried never seeing the light of life. The dreamer never finds the reassurance of pat on the back or a hug from a loved one. The words, which say, “you tried and that matters!”

Life is not what you see, it’s beyond what one can see. And when you realize there is more to life than the run of the mill toiling which everyone around seems to be doing...... You my boy have arrived finally!

So open your arms, spread your wings, take a leap.... the sky is wide open... Its time to fly!

P.S: It’s better to die trying.... than simply..... (Need I say that? I know you got it!)

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  1. thatsa wat i call an award winning aticle,

    and u do remember dat i got COPYRIGHTS on this!!!!



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