Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happiness, the Child within us!

Happiness, the Child within us!

I sure know except a few no one really reads what I write in my blog. But that sure doesn’t bother me. Very few amongst the people I know actually know about this. If others were to read, the only good thing would be people either critically agree or disagree with what I say.

It feels good to be writing again for sure. It has been a long time since I last wrote anything. It’s just that we all go through different phases of life. As the clichéd statement goes.... " We all have ups and downs in life." So guess it was one of those down phases.

Few thoughts came to my mind, when I was travelling by bus today. I was standing amongst the many common men and women of Mumbai in the bus.

I questioned myself who amongst all the people are the happiest lot. I felt it was the children. As they say innocence is bliss, its very much true in their case. They are not too bothered about the big and the small, they don’t ponder about good and the bad, profit and loses. They sure don’t think about the rich and the poor. They treat everything the same. This is of course until we adults teach them all those terms.

If look at a toy from a child’s perspective, he may never differentiate between a small and a big toy. To him a toy is a toy, and he is happy to play with it. He likes them in any shape or size. He is never jealous that his toy is smaller than the neighbours’ toy. He is too engrossed in his game to realise it. That’s until some adult preaches him big is better. That’s when I feel a seed of differentiation has been sowed.

Hope I am able to convey what my view is. It isn’t that we shouldn’t try to strive for a better living. It’s just that in the rat race to do so we lose the child in us. We lose the touch of innocence and happiness. And then we sit down and ponder, in spite of all the other achievements we never seem to be happy.

I know all this sounds too philosophical and may not be all that appealing. But, no matter how hard we try to impress the people of the world. We are never able to impress the little child in all of us.
In our battle to conquer things that we thought would make us happy, within
us the child called happiness slowly dies a silent death and probably one day disappeares.

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