Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back again and the journey continues!

Back again and the journey continues!

Well I sure was alive all these days, but never felt like writing anything, not until today. But then finally the fingers began tapping the keypad of my laptop and thoughts starting taking shape of words.

I seem to be returning back to where it all began. The long overdue break from Mumbai finally arrived. The break did give me ample of time to reconnect with the person within me, my alter ego. And it sure looks like I am finally slowly getting back to being myself.

I always loved being in the moment. The happy go lucky boy! Guess it suits me best. I have always believed whatever happens, happens for the best. No good no bad... life’s too short to be sad! Life’s always has been an amazing canvas..... Colours got spilt on it with every new phase in life and the picture took birth! And that’s life!

Sure I am determined as ever to explore new avenues in life. Its not that, I am going to stop and go on a sabbatical as such. I guess somewhere along the journey of life I stopped living life the way I wanted. I am certain someday for sure I will have my share of glory and fame. But until then there isn’t any shame in living life the way it is. I am sure every new day will give me a new reason to smile.

So cheers to life! Cheers to peace!!!!

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