Friday, March 27, 2009

Every Day Is A New Day! A New Hope!

“With every new day I wake up to I wish this is the day I waited for. The miracle will happen today. And life’s never going to be the same again.” How many of the billions who populate this very planet I share space with do think the same.

I feel there are several who do and then there are fewer who express it. It’s not about the miracle but the hope which keeps us going for the next day of our life. Yes, I know there are many who don’t hope at all. All I could say is they simple miss out the opportunity to add new feathers to their very own life. Life doesn’t promise only happy occasions to cherish but few shades of darkness do accompany. That’s what makes life, mix and match of colours.
I usually like to spend some part of the day in solitude. Well I may not have been able to get time off for myself everyday. But I do at times, like today.

I was sitting all alone on a dirty black rock in the so called park near my house. Now it’s so called park because it’s not the usual all green and clean park which is what naturally comes to ones mind. This is more off an abandoned park, dry leaves spread across the ground, old trees struggling yet managing to stay grounded. There were plenty of small and big black rocks adding up to the deserted beauty. The walls around the place were enriched by the graffiti’s glorifying and advertising messages of love and names to make visitors aware of writers visit to the place.

So there I was sitting alone on that big rock. Well yes I had company too. The company of a cat which seamed to be peacefully asleep under the shade of a tree. Blissfully untroubled about anything that happened around the world it was a part of. There was also a dog sitting very close to the cat. Their co existence in close proximity amazed me. Aren’t they supposed to be enemies, guess not! It just limped across to find some shade next to the cat when I entered the place.

With the cool breeze of wind blowing across my face, under the tree I was sitting, it only took me moments to drift into the unknown. A zone of comfort away from this world, in tranquillity I stayed still. I have felt many a times, time again and again. The aloofness from the system which has infiltrated me.

Questions about my very existence in this world. I never wanted to be a part of the rat race. Bounded one stays with the system, where black is white and white is black. How far is it going to be before I reach the cost. Even if it was to be a no man’s world. If that’s what it took to make a new beginning.

And then it was time for me to leave the sanctuary. It was time to walk back to my home. The world in which I found myself to be a misfit. But then there is always hope to discover the hidden path. The miracle to happen. And although, I drag my feet on the path to my home. Home? I question again. It’s more of just a house, a body without a soul.

P.S: I wrote this week back but couldn't post it earlier. Nevermind as usual these are few thoughts which I wished to share.

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