Sunday, March 1, 2009

Unspoken Love!

Yesterday night as I sat on my couch, sleep seamed to be far away, just like an elusive dream in itself. Several thoughts crossed my mind as I sat in the darkness. The feeling within was that of being nostalgic as many pictures within my mind happened to slide across, just like a total recall movie. And then I happened pen down few thoughts in memory of an unspoken love for a beauty who once walked along in my journey of life. And I named those thoughts - UNSPOKE LOVE!

Unspoken Love!

I tried so hard to express my love in words,
But I failed to strike the strings of your heart.
You where the one I waited all my life,
But I mustered no courage to let you know.

My days spent with you where few,
But they where long enough to fall in love.
It was not your charm alone I was defeated by,
But the inner innocence, which others never realised.

How I wish I could have said it all then,
It would have been fairytale coming true.
I presumed you would never love me
The way I always loved you,
I was someone ordinary who had nothing
To offer but a hear t filled with care and love.

I stopped myself for I wanted you to be happy,
You had your dreams to chase, success to gain,
I wanted all that to come true.
I never expressed what it felt like from within
And then you never knew that I loved you.


  1. its very beautiful... please do write it as ofen as possible...

  2. i really like wat u write...........
    touched my heart.

  3. I came across your blog from your linkedin profile. This poem is very beautifully written. Amazing!


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