Friday, January 2, 2009

Thoughts Struck In My Mind!

Imperfection in a way is beautiful! I'm not a perfect person, No shame in admitting that. I've my own share of good and bad... plus and minus... Its just that I suppose everyone finds it hard to admit their weakness and negative.... I guess its alright... We are not all born with perfection.

Yes over the period of years I have erred many a times! Some decisions of mine have not hit the bulls eye. Lost few good Friends... made some new... and Life moves on.... Why regret for what has happened. For it is for those wrong moves I made I learned new lessons.

And why do I have to write all this..... Its just that I've accepted the fact that I have got to accept other people the same way.... As they are.. the way they are... I'm not intoxicated neither have I been payed to say this.... I simply enjoy writing what I feel is right... cause its my blog... Freedom to express my thoughts!


  1. vijay............

    u have an hidden talent of expressing urself on paper

    and thats marvellous........

    keep it!!!!!
    i am proud of u

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