Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dreams... Miracles.... Destiny!

Today I want to write something which may not be termed rational or practical in real term basis. Let’s talk about those hidden dreams about miracle, the angels, fate and destiny. Well the world on large is divided between the believers and the non believers. These are the only two races I see the world in this context.

Many say Destiny doesn’t exist but we script our own destiny. Everything happens because you make it happen. Happiness and sadness is all created by an individual. Then how would you describe hard fought efforts of a person going in wane and the inability to transform every plan into reality. Surely there is an element of luck involved between the haves and have not’s of this world.

I don’t intend to make this all sound aggressive. Every time I go through those tough phases of life. This seams more often than not in my case... ha ha ha... I always have this feeling of receiving signs from my surrounding. These signs have always helped me tide through those tough phases. That’s when I have this picture of a guardian angel above us . Who constantly stays by our side, guiding us with signs during good and bad times.

May be its all just illusion and coincidences is what few might say. But then I genuinely feel the existence of an unexplained force. I’m sure most of us would have, but many may not agree to have felt the same.

Well I do sometime secretly ask for the some miracle to happen. Sure it hasn’t yet happened as such. But then just imagine if it was to happen. I am definitely not preaching or asking people to do nothing and wait for the miracle. I strongly believe its important for all of us to continue doing the good work which we are well equipped for. Don’t worry and fret about the results. If you are deserving enough the best will happen to you.

The other aspect of life which has always interested me is the strangers whom I meet and interact with. There have been numerous instances where I meet few people amongst the million co-existing in this world. Over a period of short interval they become friends. Why only just a few people amongst the millions share such a connection. The learned term this as the karmic connection. In one way or the other all these people have a message for me. As I say, there is always a reason for everything. Everyone is born for a purpose. These people may not be part of my life forever. Some move on with life following different paths. But the time spend in their company during that phase alters life in its own way.

Anyway.... Those where the thoughts which I wanted to share for the day.... Time to get along with life.... There is much to do... Miles to walk.... Adieus...

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