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I was travelling by the local train, was on my way back home. This was yesterday, 30th December. I said to myself the year of 2008 is coming to an end tomorrow. And here it is today, 31st December. The year was significant to me in many ways. It has passed off quickly, I hardly realised how the time has passed by. A new set of learning’s imbibed by my teacher – LIFE. I have been a good student I suppose if not the best. Honestly this blog may be too small to accommodate all the happening and the learning’s.

Over the years I have seen myself evolve as a person. Constantly changing, hopefully all these changes have been for my good. I don’t proclaim to be super intelligent or a saint. I’m just a student who has always been open to learn something new. I’m happy for whatever I have been blessed with. I become sad too, when greeted with trouble and failures. But then I find myself putting the pieces together and getting ready for the next phase. Failures are just a part of life not the end. I’m sure that the success is just round the corner.

Dreams we all dream, so do I. I’m sure I’ll live my dreams too. It may take some time for me to realise them. But delay is not death of dreams, is what I believe. We all go through tough times. Some might get a bigger share than others, but that’s alright. As long as one believes in one self, success is definite.

Acquaintances I have many, friends I have few. Not really a loner as I make myself sound at times. Everyone likes a bit of solitude I believe and so do I. Helps me understand myself better and handle myself better as well.

Talking about evolving as a person, we all do. But life’s so busy for all of us, we seldom realise it. Until some day an old friend whom you met by chance says “Dude you sound different, you have changed” and usually our response is “Really, I never felt that.” That’s because we never allowed our self to sit and think about it. We all use the term – “It’s a rat race out there!” which makes us all rats chasing the elusive cheese!

I watched the movie DASVIDANIYA yesterday. Impressive movie I would say. Not because I’m biased about Vinay Pathak, whom I regard as a gem of an actor in today’s time. It was impressive because it had substance unlike the usual running around the tree, bashing the villain kind of bollywood movie which do make substantial commercial gain.

Talking about DASVIDANIYA and its tale about how we fail to realise what we actually desire in life. Probably we were too busy with our everyday rigmarole of the rat race. That we end up missing and messing with few things we actually wanted to do but never been able to do. Only to realise it too late in life. But then my friends it’s never too late to realise those unshared dreams in our cupboard which you knew would always make you happy.

Our dreams might sound silly to others, but don’t fall prey to the cynicism. They are always plenty of them waiting to gun you down. The challenge is to rise above those cynicisms and stay away from becoming a hypocrite unlike the large community of them who co-exist with us in this world.

So here’s wishing everyone a successful and eventful year ahead to all. May we all realise our dreams. May we share the infectious smile! And yes hail peace! Cheers!


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