Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The beginning of a new season of my life.

26/11/2008 This date is always going to be remembered by me as for years to come. Those 60hrs of life which I spent largely in front my TV. I was sitting on the couch, watching the heart breaking, blood bath in the heart of Mumbai. Innocent life’s coming to an end all prey for the blood game of 10 odd terrorists. There was anguish within me but had no way to express it.
And the idiotic senseless political blame game began soon after. Heads might have rolled amongst the people in power, but that’s no solution. Its never going to bring back the dead. Its never going to enough to heal bruises not just physical injuries of victims. But also the mental agony and bruises on our minds.
I can’t speak for everyone, but for me Its definitely not going to be the same again. There is just one life gifted to me. And I’m determined to make a difference, big or small way, for my society.
People might forget all that happened. Get back into the cocoon they have been living in. Never introspecting the reason for their existence, not me. I know I’m here for a purpose. We all are bestowed with life for a reason.
Shed the veil of hypocrisy. How long are we going to hide behind the rose tinted glasses. Bartering human emotions, ones dreams for handful of money. Succumbing to the peer pressure.
Yes I may not be rich and affluent today. But that will not stop me from dreaming for the better and achieving it. I’m rich too so is all of the fellow human beings. Rich with the wealth of making others happy. Spread the message of peace and harmony.
I can see it and feel it to. The beginning of a new season of my life.

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