Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Floor Number 13

He saw her standing by the elevator, wearing a long black overcoat. She looked worried and he wondered why? What was bothering her?

She then looked at her watch. It was already 6:12PM and she knew he might have already reached home. What will she tell him? Where had she been?
She was now clearly anxious and could feel her heart beat getting louder. The elevator door slides opens.

In a hurry to get in, she accidentally drops her purse. Before she could realize the doors close. He dashes towards the lift. He bends down and picks up her purse.

The elevator door opens again. She sees the stranger from the store in a long black overcoat same as hers. He gets in and gives the purse back to her. She doesn't thank him. She doesn't smile.

He wonders why but then refrains from asking. She gets off on the 13th floor. He gets off on the 14th floor.

Just then he hears a gunshot & a loud scream. Was it her? It sure was someone on the 13th floor. He rushes down the stairs.

A short distance away her dead body is lying down on the floor in a pool of blood. He turns around to catch a glimpse of a man escaping as the elevator doors closes.

He moves closer to her dead body. She isn't breathing. She has been shot dead from point-blank range.

May be he could have saved her if he had spoken to her. May be their destinies were entwined. A split second of difference changed it all.

She wasn't meant to die. It was him they wanted to assassin. They had shot her mistakenly. He was expected to be on the 13th floor. But he had got off on the wrong floor.
----          The End      ---
-          VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace

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