Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crumpled bed sheet and her story !

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Image: luigi diamanti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Those eyes never stopped haunting me,
They had a sea of stories in them,
But never been spoken of,
Never been shared and never will be.

She was beautiful and she knew it,
She was irresistible and she knew it,
Love is the last thing she would do,
Her soul was her own,
It was her body that she sold.

Eleven minutes she said,
Is all that a man can have of her.
For they never could last,
Even though they paid her by the hour.

It was never her choice,
When she landed in the city of dreams.
She was here for she believed,
She had it in her to make it big.

Years rolled by, relentlessly she kept trying,
Until one night changed it all.
She sat on the wet bench of the park,
Dejected like never, she felt she had lost.

No money to enjoy anything fancy,
No money to stay sheltered,
That’s when he walked in,
With a promise that she will have it all and more,
Just that she would have to sell her soul.

She spoke to self, whispering to her heart,
I have hit the rock bottom,
Many a seasons of sadness gone by,
A few days more and it’s going to be autumn.
Who cares for this soul of mine?
It’s been a life of sadness and suffering,
The last time I smiled was when I was nine.

So she shook hands with the stranger,
Now she was her own ranger.
Her new fiend now was called agony,
She gave in and changed her destiny.

Laying down tonight on the bed,
She talks to me about her story,
It may be filled with shame and no glory.
She had made her choice long back.
No place for regrets and no remorse,
All along she knew, it was a one way street,
Once you begin the journey, you can never walk back

-       VJ says ~ Cheers and Peace!

P.S: It’s not a love story always. But then what’s love all about? Is it just Eleven minutes someone spends with you in bed or is it a lifetime that you wish to spend with her. The choice is yours and hers. 


  1. Hey Vijay,

    I think u r growing as a writer by the day and your expressions are becoming more mature and just love those thoughts which is expressed between the lines....as a reader it keeps one more engrossed and it leaves an lasting impact than just a one time read!

  2. @Archana Sirish: Thank you for continued encouragement. Happy to know that you liked my new work. stay connected.

  3. This intensely reminded me of the book 'Eleven Minutes' by Paolo Coelho and I must say that you have captured the core sentiments of the book and presented them in your own original style. However, the book ends with a feeling of redemption while your work creates a picture of a dead end encountered in life.

    Excellent poem, nevertheless. Keep up the good work! :)

  4. superb dude !
    enjoyed it.. read twice :)

  5. Nice poem :) It brings out the essence of a soul lost yet alive!

    Nice meeting you here!

  6. @Enigmatic Soul: Thank you. Glad to know you liked it. Sometimes there may be no redemption but just the truth! Yeah I've read 'Eleven Minutes'- Paulo Coelho.That reminds me of a beautiful quote from that book "It's not time that changes man, nor knowledge,the only thing that can change someone's mind is love."

  7. @ Deepak Karthik: Thanks buddy for liking it and for reading it twice :)

  8. @Divya: Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by and pleasure to meet you too.


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